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Pixel-Spotlight is the CV of Fashion Portraits and one of my most fav CVs EVER! Now I'm not a good writer and this is hard for me to write a blog about such a great artist but she has been inspiring me so much with her Daily Deviation choices and some of them are when you see them strange somehow or boring but when you think of the photo for minutes you would get it and then become inspired! I'm impressed a lot with her featuring myself and before I talk more, show we see some of her special choices:

Allen by memelsteak

You might won't get it or think it's so simple or boring but the side of that stylish male model makes the photo neat and great! The lightning is just perfect as same as the look of his eyes which look calm with that staring to the camera and not to forget mentioning the colors and the model's face go with everything in the shot! So after you think of stuff like those your mind would be blown away!

Stasy2 by iwantseva

Also you might think this one is boring or won't get it, but actually at least everything is blended together in the shot and the model is just gorgeous with her strict beautiful stare which seems very calm and that's like WOW! She look amazing and perfect and the reflection effects of the window make nice reflection or focus on the clothing! The model is pro and the colors are very good as same as the lightning which is soft and perfect.... This is about looks only which means I didn't get to the feelings part :)

'There she goes my beautiful world' by HattieWatson

From the first look you will quickly judge on it that it's not worthy and very simple but if you take few minutes to look at it slowly like the model's face, hair and clothes and the rest like lightning, angle, composition and colors are very well-done! Of course after you thought of those you'll be inspired and finally think that it's a very well-done shot in general!

Mature Content

Specter by terribletoxicboy

Nothing much just an awesome style but most people would think like "if the model wasn't just male" and I'm saying that considering the nudity and everythign else and the model that has been taken the pose is a guy who is a pro model and that's different and interesting and if it was a female instead it will be like "ok so?" So, yeah interesting and amazing and the part of being naked is beautiful and that thing that you are judging is part of his body and at least since it has been set in a pro way which when you see a man poses with his thing please no judging unless if it hasn't been set in a pro way! So, yeah a great DD choice that's also interesting and FRESH :)

Some other great and interesting DD choices from Pixel-Spotlight :

:thumb338894849: :thumb310364690:
peace by arazugurWatchers by NickChao

Thanks to :iconpixel-spotlight: for the inspiration and look forward to your new featuring as well and sorry I have many things to say about your great job as an artist and a CV but English sux here lol .. Anyways, you're one of the best CV's :heart:
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December 6, 2012


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